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Is your credit card payment service okay? 5 Top Points to Review Now

E-Commerce business is accelerating growth in the era of the new normal. Not only businesses that are already developing their business, but also those who are going to do EC business from now on should not forget which credit card payment service will you use from now on? That's the point. In fact, the selection of credit card payment services, which are often overlooked, is an important point both in terms of being aware of cybersecurity and in realizing cost reduction. This time, we have prepared materials that you can understand the tips of how to choose for free. Please take a look.

“Effective for EC business!” 5 major points on how to choose a credit card payment service”




  • At first
  • Point 1 “Usage fee”
  • Point 2 “Fees”
  • Point 3 “Deposit timing”
  • Point 4 “Safety”
  • Point 5 “Ease of introduction”
  • Introduction of PayPal's credit card payment service
  • Case study (CTW Co., Ltd.) A must-see for EC business personnel!

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