Event Enrichment: The linchpin of AIOps

If you’re in IT operations, you know that the growing complexity of IT environments is causing major headaches for you and your business. And you’ve probably heard that AIOps—Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) applied to IT Operations—can solve many problems that your teams face such as increased operating costs and elongated downtime.

In the rush to get AIOps running, teams often miss one critical and foundational element of successful AIOps projects: enrichment.

This white paper explains:

  • What enrichment is in the context of AIOps
  • Why enrichment matters
  • How enrichment improves AIOps efforts
  • How to evaluate enrichment capabilities that are part of AIOps tools

The paper also briefly describes BigPanda’s Event Enrichment Engine, its cross-domain enrichment capabilities, and its ability to create high-quality incidents that can shorten the incident management lifecycle.

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