Five Strategies to Unlock the Potential of Retail Media Networks

Recently, a new innovation has taken the advertising world by storm: retail media networks. These advertising platforms allow third-party brands to market to retailers’ customers through the retailers’ various sales and marketing channels. And while companies like Amazon, which pioneered the trend, focused on offering their ecommerce channels to advertisers, a growing number of businesses are discovering the vast untapped potential of their brick-and-mortar fleets.

Like any other advertising platform, a retail media network needs good data to function. Retailers’ own first-party data can provide rich and valuable insights, but to truly unlock the potential of media networks, retailers and advertisers also need comprehensive location intelligence metrics, which offer greater visibility into shoppers’ offline habits and behavior.

Get answers to questions like:

  • Is foot traffic data relevant for online-only retail media networks?
  • How can location intelligence provide visibility into hyper-local consumer preferences?
  • Why should you look at weekly and hourly visitation patterns to price ads?

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