Get Insights into Real-World Security Issues

How are most organizations handling incident response?

According to the latest Palo Alto Networks study on the state of automation, it appears to be a mostly in-house affair. 90% of respondents perform incident response either completely or primarily in-house, at times augmented by consultants as needed. 

As cyberthreats increase and the available talent pool of security professionals remains constant, the potential for attacks becomes more probable and the outcomes more serious. 

Our fifth and most recent State of Automation report conducted at the end of 2021 analyzes the views and experiences of IT and security professionals working in organizations that span multiple industries, ranging in size from 1,000 employees to over 20,000. 

Dive deep into how your peers are managing security operations and incident response. You’ll gain insight into: 

– Key challenges and threats incident response teams are facing today 
– The processes and toolkits used by SecOps teams for security automation 
– The top priorities for security automation    

Read the paper to get the details on how your peers are managing security operations and incident response.   

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