Gigaom Radar for Vulnerability Management

Prisma Cloud Is a Leader in Vulnerability Management
Today’s enterprises have gravitated to cloud native technologies, powered by a combination of hosts, containers and serverless functions, to enable digital innovation and achieve greater scale.

With Prisma Cloud, the industry’s only comprehensive Cloud Native Security Platform, organizations can embrace the cloud and enable purpose-built security at runtime and integrated with DevOps tooling.

In their 2021 Radar Report, GigaOm recognized Palo Alto Networks Prisma Cloud as a Leader in Vulnerability Management.1

Read the GigaOm Radar report and get insights into:

  • GigaOm’s requirements for managing vulnerabilities in cloud native applications and integrating security across the software design lifecycle
  • Why DevSecOps is a requirement for securing cloud native architectures
  • Emerging vulnerability management trends in the market

Get a copy of the report today and find out why we are the only Leader to be recognized as both an Outperformer and Innovator based on GigaOm’s rating of our ability to evolve over the coming 12 to 18 months.

1 “GigaOm Radar for Vulnerability Management,” GigaOm, May 17, 2021.

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