DALIM SOFTWARE employees are based around the world, in Europe, Brazil, USA and UK, with customers across Asia, Europe, South Africa, North and South America. Communicating effectively across all of these groups in different time zones is a challenge. The company had been using a PBX VoIP phone system for around 20 years, which had become limited for a company otherwise accustomed to going the extra mile for its end users with its own ES software suite. The former PBX VoIP system was unable to upload voice messages, could not be updated without significant hardware changes, and provided no connectivity between mobile phones. 

The Covid-19 lockdown intervened, so LogMeIn arranged a remote demo of GoToConnect, followed by a test deployment for five DALIM SOFTWARE employees working remotely. 

Find out how GoToConnect enables all DALIM SOFTWARE employees to receive and make calls easily and seamlessly from any desk or mobile phone, wherever they are – download the case study.

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