History of Zero Trust

How to use zero trust architecture for your enterprise security
Zero trust represents a revolution in how we protect data, connect people, and access tools. Many in IT security believe it to be a game-changer as it forces a fundamental rethinking of enterprise security and protection of the networks and resources that house our best ideas, connect our brightest talent. 
To effectively gain access to transformative productivity tools, you must first understand the weaknesses in legacy network security that gave rise to the zero trust architecture and elevated it to prominence.
Get an overview of the zero trust architecture journey with “A Brief History of Zero Trust”, the white paper that explores:
  • How the rise of mobile devices made the world rethink the traditional perimeter
  • When security started protecting users, data, and apps—not just the network
  • Why three advanced principles put Zscaler’s zero trust a cut above the rest

Download your copy, now.

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