How Organizations Can Use Leadership Development to Support DEI&B Initiatives

Research shows that organizations leading the way in diversity, equity, inclusion & belonging (DEI&B) make learning a top priority.


They learn about the policies, processes, and programs that increase diversity and create equity. Then they take action to establish hiring goals, de-bias performance review processes, track metrics, and report on progress. Policies, processes, and programs like these are critically important, but it’s people who bring them to life. That’s why organizations committed to DEI&B also encourage learning among their employees. They support people in developing the knowledge, understanding, and behaviors needed to put these things into action on a daily basis. As a leadership development platform, Verb understands the importance of this kind of learning, and we are committed to offering content that builds the knowledge, understanding, and behaviors that people need to drive effective DEI&B efforts. In this guide, we share what we’ve learned about the role of leadership development in DEI&B and how Verb can contribute to this work.

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