How Paycom Helped the New England Patriots Achieve HR Victory

In the world of professional sports, excellence takes many forms. Athletes and coaches command the attention of the public, but behind-the-scenes professionals enable their success, and the HR staff behind the New England Patriots is no exception. 


This case study examines the unique challenges of a pro sports franchise making the shift from outdated, manual processes to streamlined HR and payroll tech. By implementing Paycom’s self-service software, this team of HR professionals was able to embrace a more strategic role as effective business partners within their organization.


Key Takeaways

  • Implementing a single-software HR tech driven by employee usage helps reduce errors related to miskeyed or incorrect data. 
  • Tracking HR tech usage in real time makes it easier to uncover opportunities for improvement and greater efficiency.
  • Scalability is simplified when all HR and payroll processes move through a single software.
  • Full employee usage of HR tech is easier to achieve when using an intuitive, mobile-friendly solution that provides the on-demand responsiveness expected by modern consumers.


To learn more, download the How Paycom Helped the New England Patriots Achieve HR Victory case study.

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