How Retailers Can Optimize the Employee and Customer Experience with Inventory, Task Management and Clienteling Tools

Retailers continue to navigate challenges stemming from unpredictable employment trends even as they’re seeing increased interest in brick-and-mortar shopping by consumers. However, with the impacts of the Great Resignation preventing retailers from building teams of reliable associates, and current employees becoming overwhelmed with crushing workloads to compensate for short staffing, retailers are finding difficulties providing an ideal in-store customer journey.

Retailers seeking to optimize the shopper journey while also creating an efficient workplace environment should consider:

  • RFID tools that will generate accurate inventory reporting in real time to support BOPIS and curbside pickup;
  • Task management solutions that clearly communicate employee responsibilities and corporate expectations of store-level staff; and
  • Checkout technology such as Amazon’s Just Walk Out that empowers shoppers to manage their journeys and allows employees to focus on serving customers.

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