How to Build a Winning M&A Pipeline

Best Practices for Maximizing Deal Success Starting with Your M&A Pipeline

This best practice guide offers valuable insights for businesses seeking to enhance their M&A deal sourcing process. A successful target pipeline requires a systematic and repeatable approach that enables potential acquisition targets to be evaluated relative to an organization’s overall acquisition strategy. A systematic, technology-enabled process can help corporate dealmakers screen 5x more targets and complete better deals.

Download this best practices guide from Midaxo, the leading software platform for corporate dealmaking, to gain insights on:  

  • Applying common metrics across your pipeline to identify the highest priority targets
  • Identifying the optimal time to engage with a target
  • Understanding deal rationales and recommendations for effective strategic thinking
  • The importance of Stage Gate Approvals when managing an M&A pipeline
  • Defining your key pipeline stages
  • Best practices for augmenting business data on your targets
  • Maintaining a single source-of-truth for all your communications and document exchanges with acquisition targets
  • Isolating pipelines to ensure confidentiality across targets and teams

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