How to Elevate Sales Team Performance: Applying the CSO Insights Sales Relationship/Process Matrix

Many people in sales management are trapped in a vicious cycle. They know they need to improve, but it’s hard to get ahead when all they can do is keep up. 

There’s a way forward. When companies start implementing sales process and start solving—not just solving problems, but removing the cause of the problems—they get higher-order selling work. They create a virtuous cycle. 

By analyzing more than 1,500 global sales organizations against a clear set of benchmarks, CSO Insights identified the correlation between a high level of sales process implementation and improved performance. Sales organizations with a higher level of process in place reap bigger rewards: 

  • 21% more sales reps hitting their quota
  • 43% lower sales rep turnover
  • 31% higher win rate 

Download the whitepaper How to Elevate Sales Team Performance, evaluate your organization against the CSO Insights SRP Matrix, and set a winning course toward tighter sales process—and improved performance. Ready. Set. Go. 

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