How to Scope, Build, and Grow Your WebOps Practice

Why you should choose WebOps, how to build a high-performing website operations team, and steps to implementing an iterative approach.

Your website can be your best marketing asset. But, that requires you to keep up with maintenance and have the ability to add new content or update pages at a moment’s notice.
That’s no easy task. Scrap the outdated website operations practices and move to an agile and iterative approach with WebOps. 

Learn how to build a cross-functional and collaborative WebOps team and iterative workflow so marketers, content writers, designers, and developers can all share in success.
What you’ll learn:

  • How to build a high-performing WebOps Team
  • Which success metrics are most important and the KPIs to measure
  • Steps to implementing workflow iterations and the 3 benefits

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