How to Seize Expanded Private Label Opportunities in 2023

Consumer behaviors shifted radically during COVID-19, and the impacts are still being felt in the retail industry. Shoppers became more willing to try new brands when supply chain challenges made their regular choices unavailable, and consumers intensified their focus on healthier options and sustainability. More recently, inflation and fears of a recession drove shoppers to seek lower-priced, higher-value items that fit both their needs and their personal belief systems.

All these shifts have created a prime opportunity for private label products in 2023. In this White Paper you’ll find a playbook that retailers and private-label brands can use to latch onto emerging trends and find success in 2023, including:

  • Top trends for private-label brands;
  • Interesting data on what’s shaping the new consumer behavior; and
  • 3 secrets for retailer success in 2023.

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