Humanizing Customer Experience: Financial Services Edition – Vol 1

Creating more human experiences has never been more critical to success in the financial services industry. This first-of-its-kind study provides the prescriptive insights and tools banks need to best serve both current and future generations of customers.


Knowledge is power to accelerate your brand!

In our first year of this groundbreaking study in partnership with American Banker, we’re excited to deliver the key national trends, attitudes, and behaviors impacting the customer experience in the financial services sector through this in-depth report.

Informed by more than 8,500 consumers and with rankings of more than 50+ Financial Institutions across the country, the critical insights and tools provided in this report will enable your organization to build “best-in-class” customer experiences, develop intentional customer strategies, optimize physical and digital tactics, and adapt to best serve both your current and future generations of customers.

Areas of Exploration in Vol 1:

While there have been huge industry shifts towards digital transformation in all forms of banking, accelerated by the events of 2020, there are also important trends that lead FIs to take actionable steps towards making their experiences more human.

  • Customers are putting their money where their values are – things like identity-based banking, green and sustainability-focused banking, and more are shifting the focus and adapting to new consumer considerations.
  • Personalized and peer-to-peer banking and lending opportunities evolve the space including many more flexible buy-now-pay-later and low barrier to entry FIs, as well as educational-focused platforms dedicated to making the complex more accessible to all.
  • New experiential-focused networks – allowing experience to be self-directed, seamless, and highly personalized and inclusive of cross-currency and cashless currency.

What are the top Financial Institutions doing in this space that differentiates them? Read the report to find out and gain actionable insights that can guide future strategies for your company.

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