ICMI Agent Experience Maturity Toolkit

It’s harder than ever to attract and retain talent with the challenges impacting corporate workforces today. It’s an employees’ market. 

If your contact centre is not an employer of choice, you’ll be hit hard by the great resignation. You need a model for evaluating employee satisfaction and a toolkit to help you align your employment and retention goals. 

Unfortunately, many contact centre managers are so focused on customer satisfaction that they need to remember how important it is to focus on agent satisfaction. According to ICMI research, only 50% of organisations prioritise agent experience. AX can have a direct impact on the quality of customer service your contact centre provides. Happy and fulfilled agents are likelier to have a positive and helpful approach to every interaction. 

So, where can you start with this important task that might initially seem daunting? Putting an employee satisfaction plan in place can be easy and effective with this Agent Experience (AX) Maturity Toolkit. 

This free guide will help you evaluate where you need to focus your attention and make progress so you can begin improving agent job satisfaction quickly. 

  • Monitor agent job satisfaction
  • Improve your contact centre’s agent experience
  • Enhance agent contentment
  • Prevent excessive agent turnover
  • Increase customer service metrics

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