IDC Perspectives: The Future of Connectedness Checklist Solutions

In this perspective report, IDC provides a checklist of connectivity actions and activities that business enterprise leaders should consider as they move forward with their digital transformation efforts. As 2022 progresses, organizations are expected to develop goals that include priorities around connectivity that benefit employee productivity and satisfaction, increase business and operational agility, and help bridge the divide between physical and digital interactions. You’ll learn more about what you need to consider to keep your employees connected, and your organization efficient, for optimal performance. Specifically, you’ll see why:


  • The hybrid workforce model will remain as a permanent employee model, while enterprises evaluate tiered broadband reimbursement based on role and need. 
  • Connectivity investments, particularly for 5G networks, should be prioritized by focusing on efficiency and outcomes – not cost. 
  • Enterprises need to evaluate their network evolution as physical and digital intersect and involve employee input into their connected strategies to produce efficient collaboration.

Learn more about what you must consider to improve connectedness within your organization by filling out the form to download the report.

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