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Digital transformation is an expedition of discovery.

When Lewis and Clark set out to explore the Western United States, they were entering uncharted territory — literally creating their own map. There’s no way to plan for a trip like that, except to make sure the tools you bring with you are flexible and adaptable so you can handle anything that comes your way.

Much like a new geographical frontier, the rapid rise of a more connected, data-driven world has created an uncharted digital territory. Organizations of all sizes and from every industry have had to learn to navigate this evolving landscape at a rapid pace. In just a few years, “digital transformation” has evolved from a novel concept to an industry buzzword to an IT imperative. In fact, 70% of companies have or are working on a digital transformation strategy.1

Savvy IT and business leaders have come to understand that digital transformation is not about reaching a single destination — it’s about charting a course to the future through unknown territory and being ready for anything along the way.

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