Infrastructure Team’s Guide to Storage Chargeback & Showback

Considerations, Obstacles, and Best Practices for Implementing and Managing Storage Chargeback & Showback Policies


Global IT spending will top $4.5 trillion in 2022 – including 11.5% growth in enterprise software spending and 8.6% growth in IT services costs since 2021.

If your company has not implemented chargeback or showback reporting yet, they probably will soon. This popular practice reveals when and how each department uses critical IT infrastructure, software, storage, and more – valuable information for assigning IT costs and reducing spending.

However, chargeback and showback reporting can be challenging for IT teams. Whether you’re just researching your options or are already feeling the pain of implementing this kind of reporting, there are lots of ways you can make chargeback or showback reporting significantly easier.

How? In this white paper, we’ll answer the three most important questions for implementing (or improving) chargeback and showback policies.

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