Insights & Implications for Analytically Inspired Marketers- The 2016 Enterprise Analytics Study

When the right approach is applied, analytics can drive more effective marketing strategies. While marketers understand the role analytics plays within the organization, most are not leveraging analytics to really drive enterprise performance. We surveyed 100+ business leaders to understand the state of analytics maturity across today’s leading organizations, uncovering common challenges teams are facing in their quest to use data and analytics to deliver a competitive advantage. 

What We Uncovered:

  • 73% of analytic professionals claim to work for an analytically-driven company
  • Only 42% of companies have a strategy for using analytics across the enterprise
  • Just 38% of companies share results of their analytic insights outside their department
  • 81% of organizations rely on 3rd parties for at least some portion of their analysis 

Download the report to learn how marketers, like yourself, view themselves in light of using analytics to drive their business.

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