(JP) The State of Customer Experience (CX)

Discover insights from over 2,600 consumers and 690 CX executives across industries

Times have changed dramatically, and digital channels have become mainstream in customer experience (CX). To achieve loyalty and growth, you must prioritize customer and employee engagement to your liking, leverage cloud technology, and engage your customers throughout the customer journey.

Genesis surveyed over 2,600 consumers and 690 CX executives across the US, Latin America, Middle East & Africa, Europe and Asia Pacific. Understand your customer and employee journeys and get actionable insights to guide your CX transformation to the next level.

Download the report to learn about key strategic priorities and key CX challenges facing executive teams. The report also includes insights such as:

  • Latest trends in digitization, changing consumer channels, satisfaction and personalization
  • How consumers prefer to interact with businesses, what they value in the customer experience
  • New CX technologies and ways to empower your operators and align customer journeys

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