Leveling Up the Last Mile: How Flexible APIs and Improved Forecasting are Enabling the Future of Delivery

Ecommerce is still surging post-pandemic, with digital sales expected to account for 20.4% of global retail sales by the end of 2022, up from 10% just five years ago, according to data from Statista. This makes delivery one of the most important customer-facing operations in retail — few mistakes harm loyalty as much as a missed delivery, particularly during the holiday season.

Retailers need to deliver on fulfillment execution from the moment shoppers complete their order through the post-purchase experience. They also need to manage rising fulfillment costs, manage inventory across stores and warehouses and maximize the potential of their third-party options to create great experiences for customers.

With costs rising costs for labor, storage space and transportation, retailers also need greater efficiency across last mile operations. Some of the key strategies retailers need to consider include:

  • Greater use of API and cloud-based systems;
  • Improved forecasting up the supply chain;
  • Data-powered third-party partnerships; and
  • Better store-based fulfillment using RFID.

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