Linux without Limits: Enterprise Scalability and Performance

Open Source is growing like wildfire, and with it the popularity of Linux, the OS that increasingly drives how business interacts with the world. Linux's popularity spans every industry, fueling increasing demand to exploit Linux in the enterprise for business-critical applications and for service providers anxious to offer enterprise-grade Linux to their cloud clients.

This means new requirements that must be addressed to ensure Linux deployments are enterprise ready – that means capable of massive transaction volumes at unprecedented scale, and built not to fail or crack – ever. Getting it right means growth and opportunity. Getting it wrong means running hundreds or thousands of servers, adding cost, complexity, latency and vulnerability – and lost business. How to get it right? Attend this complimentary webinar presented by Slashdot Media to hear IBM Linux experts Donna Dillenberger, Angel Diaz and Steven Dickens discuss how to get from open source project to enterprise-grade Linux with IBM LinuxONE.

Attendees will learn:

  • What's driving the demand for Enterprise-grade Linux
  • How Ecosystem communities have come together to ensure open solutions
  • How to leverage the latest technology platform to turbocharge Linux and open source appsĀ 
  • New ROI models that enable seamless migration to LinuxONE platforms
  • What enterprises and service providers can do now to begin the journey to enterprise Linux

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