Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Mobility Management Suites

Enterprise mobility management (EMM) suites help organizations integrate mobile devices into their security frameworks and systems and information technology life cycles. Organizations use EMM tools to perform the following functions for their users:

  • Provisioning: EMM suites configure devices and applications for enterprise use.
  • Auditing, tracking and reporting: These products audit mobile devices and applications to track compliance with enterprise policies. They also maintain inventory for cost and asset management purposes and are capable of tracking usage of services and apps.
  • Defense of enterprise data: EMM suites apply technologies to encrypt data, control data flow and remotely revoke user access to mobile applications and information in the event the user or device becomes untrusted (for example, through device loss, unauthorized reconfiguration or employee termination).
  • Support: EMM suites help IT departments troubleshoot mobile device problems through inventory, analytics and invoking remote actions.

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