Manage and Scale AI at the Edge – With Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers and NVIDIA Fleet Command

Deploying artificial intelligence (AI) at the edge opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Edge deployments of AI can give you real-time, actionable insights at the point of decision, with lower latency and costs than transferring data back and forth between the data center and cloud. But limited staffing and harsh environments can make it difficult to turn your vision of edge AI into a reality.

NVIDIA® Fleet Command™ is a hybrid cloud platform for managing and scaling AI deployments across dozens or up to millions of servers and edge devices. This hybrid cloud, software-as-a-service (SaaS) enables deploying, managing and scaling AI at the edge from a single, web-based control plane. By deploying NVIDIA Fleet Command with accelerated Dell EMC PowerEdge servers, IT admins can take secure, remote control, simplifying deployment and powering resilient AI across the network in just minutes.

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