Mastering the Complexities of Revenue Management

With complex regulations, continually evolving interpretations and stiff penalties, the mission-critical task of revenue management is more complex than ever.

66% of companies fail to evaluate the revenue impact of deferred revenue, and a whopping 92% of public companies say they still use spreadsheets for critical revenue-accounting tasks, leaving them exposed to a host of issues including compliance, audit and forecasting problems.

Get the white paper “Mastering the Complexity of Revenue Management” to learn: 

•    5 specific steps you can take to ensure better compliance, improved visibility, and lower costs.
•    9 key revenue management technology requirements that decision makers can't afford to miss.
•    Why Vendor Specific Objective Evidence (VSOE) is worrying more and more revenue managers and what you need to do about it.
•    7 benefits that optimized revenue management brings to your organization, including accelerated closing, reduced revenue leakage, and forecasting visibility.

And, learn how one company, SevOne, reduced their revenue management challenges without compromising accuracy.

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