Measure Your Impact: 5 Key Principles of Analytics Proficiency

You’re collecting a bunch of user data, but your staff doesn’t know how to use it to make a plan for growth. Or worse, you’re not even gathering data because the prospect seems too daunting. Maybe you are frustrated because the information you collect isn’t being used by the right people to make big company decisions. 

By studying more than 2,000 years of combined practitioner experience, SiriusDecisions saw an obvious truth: data-driven businesses are better able to gain meaningful insights that can improve decision making, increase profitability, and drive innovation. But how can you assess how your company is doing and make strides to improve? 

Measure Your Impact: 5 Key Principles of Analytics Proficiency introduces the SiriusDecisions Analytics Proficiency Assessment Model. It’s designed to help businesses assess analytics capabilities in five key areas: skills and tools, planning, process, data, and culture. 

Each principle is then divided into five clearly defined levels, so you can easily evaluate where you stand. What’s more, every principle is accompanied by tips on how to improve. With this model, you can accurately assess how your analytics perform today and begin adopting best practices to transform your organization into a center of analytics excellence.

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