Melbourne Polytechnic uses Protecht to manage risks in an education environment

Melbourne Polytechnic is one of Australia’ largest vocational education and training providers. It needs to identify and manage risks, especially given the rapid pace of changes in the education sector. But different systems and lack of visibility for reporting were making this a challenge. 

Melbourne Polytechnic selected Protecht.ERM because of its performance, functionality and easy user interface. Having all the information on one accessible platform has provided Melbourne Polytechnic with greater insights and enabled it to respond rapidly to emerging trends, risks and opportunities. 

Protecht.ERM has significantly increased the Polytechnic’s ERM/GRC maturity, transforming raw data into valuable information that will enable it to respond to the risks and opportunities that lie ahead. 

Download this case study to find out more about how Protecht.ERM could help transform your organization’s approach to risk management. 

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