Modern Data App Architectures and Best Practices for Building Data Apps

It’s safe to say data application builders will never worry about a lack of data. Approximately 40 zettabytes (ZB) of new data was generated in 2019, and IDC predicts that with a steady growth trajectory, 175 ZB will be generated in 2025. Although these ever-increasing amounts of data present immeasurable opportunities for delivering data-driven insights to customers, there are two crucial questions every startup and established ISV provider should ask:
  • Can your underlying architecture scale to meet the needs of your business?
  • How can we deliver and scale a performant product while remaining operationally efficient and cost-effective? 
In this webinar, you’ll walk through reference architectures for data applications and discuss best practices for building data apps on Snowflake. 
This webinar is relevant to application developers, software engineers, architects, and product leaders. 

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