Network Intelligence Optimization

As  enterprise  IT  migrates  to  new  technologies  ranging  from  virtualization to cloud computing, the focus increases on making networks flatter, faster, and  more  efficient.  The  network  must  adapt  with  faster  pipes  to  handle ever-increasing traffic volumes as well as with more sophisticated network
intelligence to meet the expected levels of network performance and security amid growing complexity.

Enterprises continue to make significant investments in network intelligence
tools – network appliances for monitoring, security, or acceleration. The deployment growth of these tools has been particularly dramatic over the past five years – it is now a $15 billion market worldwide, accounting for about 20% of total network spend. But with the explosive growth of traffic and the networks themselves, there are growing constraints as to what these tools can do. Whether for improving performance or security, these tools require IT Operations to monitor, capture and examine the actual network traffic in depth. As networks get flatter, there is more traffic at each monitoring point. IT Operations also faces a greater challenge to get that traffic to the increasing number of tools.

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