Omnichannel Orchestration: How to Optimize Inventory Amid Shifting Consumer Behaviors & Industry Disruptions

The retail landscape is more complex than ever before. Inflationary pressures influencing consumer buying behaviors are pushing up input and operational costs. Labor shortages are creating gaps at nearly every level of the organization. And as consumers’ expectations and interests shift, retailers trying to put products on the shelves to satisfy shopper demand are facing ongoing supply chain challenges that further complicate fulfillment and the customer experience.

Together, these dynamics make it difficult for brands to ensure the right products are in the right places at the right times. Without an integrated, full-scope view to inform supply and demand planning, you could have stockouts that push customers toward your competitors. But too much unsold inventory chips away at your bottom line. It’s no wonder cash flow concerns are top of mind for many retailers.

Businesses that can orchestrate functions such as inventory and order management will have a competitive edge in today’s highly dynamic retail environment, enabling them to overcome these challenges and continue driving revenue.

This guide will provide:

  • Strategic and tactical best practices for building and orchestrating robust backend functions;
  • Technological considerations to ensure you are able to swiftly adapt and optimize inventory as you maneuver through the risks and opportunities of continued disruption.

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