PeopleSoft Customers Funding New Growth and Innovation

Many PeopleSoft customers share the same concern—they feel they are receiving less new value from Oracle than they did in the past. They may also be caught in an expensive cycle of paying Oracle nearly 22% per year in maintenance fees, essentially repurchasing their existing software license every five years.

If this sounds familiar—and inefficient—what if you could: 

  • Save 50-90% on total support costs for PeopleSoft software, with exceptional service and responsiveness?
  • Free up IT capacity by securing support for your existing PeopleSoft release (including customizations) up to 15 years, without forced upgrades or continuous updates?
  • Accelerate growth now, improve the speed and quality of IT’s response to business needs; and stop paying for-and waiting for-unknown future software innovations?

With Rimini Street independent, third-party support for PeopleSoft software, you can—just as eight featured PeopleSoft customers have as they extended the lives of their ERP investments, freed up IT teams for critical projects, and funded new innovation and growth initiatives. Download this eBook to read about each of their decisions to embrace a Business-Driven Roadmap.

Learn how 8 Rimini Clients took back control of the ERP roadmaps using independent, third-party support.

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