Pinnacle Investment Management stays in control worldwide with Protecht

Pinnacle Investment Management needed a robust and scalable system that they could easily adapt to meet operational and regulatory obligations across their 15 affiliates across Asia-Pacific, EMEA and North America. Choosing Protecht.ERM meant that their own expert risk managers could stay in the driver’s seat. 

Thanks to Protecht’s intuitive implementation, Pinnacle could consolidate data from a mix of digital and paper-based sources into digital workflows without losing anything in translation. The product was running within 3-4 months – within 12 months, it was fully deployed across the organisation. 

With Protecht, Pinnacle have been able to give stakeholders active ownership of the risk management process. Staff no longer see risk management as a tick-the-box exercise, but rather as a critical part of the company’s overall objectives. Download this case study to find out more about how Protecht.ERM could help transform your organization’s approach to risk management. 

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