Plan before you upskill

Discover a dynamic approach to closing the skills gap. 


Why do so many companies struggle to fill the gaps between the talent they have and the skills they need? The problem is simple: most organizations don’t have a clear understanding of the skills their workers already have. They’re also unclear about which skills they’ll need to succeed in the future. That’s why it’s so important to go beyond traditional skill-gap analysis and recruitment to adopt a more dynamic and holistic approach to upskilling.

Read the guide, How to close skill gaps faster to learn:  


  • Where traditional skill-gap analysis and recruitment strategies fall short
  • Ways to identify essential skills needs and deploy learning programs that gets results
  • How to develop forward-looking plans tailored to individuals, teams and the enterprise
  • About the benefits of ProEdge, an end-to-end, data-driven upskilling platform

The rapid pace of change in today’s workplace means organizations need to act fast to fill their skills gaps. Find out how PwC has responded to the skills gap challenge with a dynamic approach to corporate learning. 

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