Propelling Malaysia’s Education System Through Tech and Security

The pandemic accelerated the adoption of digital learning in Malaysia, as schools leveraged video and online conferencing tools to conduct classes which were easily available and complementary. Till today, many schools still encounter limited budgets to adopt full-scale education technology (edtech) solutions.

Benefits of edtech: 


    • Prepares students for the future driven by technology, while retaining the collaboration and social learning that are key in holistic development. 
    • Reduces the burden of administrative tasks for teachers, helping them to become more versatile in their pedagogy. 
    • Intelligent digital learning systems can analyse how students study. Schools can develop personalised learning experiences for better performance. 

Bring your education system into the hybrid learning environment securely with Edtech powered by HP technology. Subscribe to monthly payments from as low as RM86 for 36 months*. Choose from a range of HP technology with a 3-year technology warranty* that best suits your education needs.

*Terms and conditions apply 

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