Putting Data into Practice: Insights and Predictions for HCP Marketing

This report features data from millions of emails sent to healthcare professionals (HCPs) in 2021 by pharmaceutical brands, hospitals and health systems, and other organizations dedicated to healthcare. Here we provide healthcare marketers with benchmarks, insights, and key learnings to guide their planning and execution of email marketing in the year ahead and beyond.

The analysis draws from IQVIA’s True IdentitySM database, the only database of firstparty sourced, opted-in, and data privacy compliant HCP identity data. This database also includes records of the digital engagement (web and email) for all participating HCPs.

This analysis also includes a deeper dive into the email performance of the top three therapeutic specialties engaged with in 2021. With data for 27 medical specialties and 114 subspecialties, IQVIA can provide additional analyses to meet your needs. Contact IQVIA if you would like a custom analysis on a specific therapeutic area. 

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