PwC: Connected Solutions: IoT-enabled operational efficiencies

Learn how IoT technologies can help organizations enhance their operations, mitigate security risks and leverage the power of data analytics.

Indoor geolocation platforms are an example of how this powerful technology can track assets, provide management solutions and address a wide range of critical business requirements. ISG’s new report, “PwC’s Indoor Geolocation Platform –– a Boon for Hospitality” details how PwC’s solution, has helped the hospitality industry save on energy costs, ramp up customer experiences and improve employee’s sense of security on the job. The report also expounds on PwC’s ambitions for expanding into the healthcare sector, where Indoor Geolocation Platform could make a significant impact in improving rapid response capabilities as well as operational efficiencies.

Read the full report to learn more about how Indoor Geolocation Platform can help you:

  • Streamline location and tracking tasks
  • Increase employees’ sense of well-being at work
  • Collect data on resource use to meet ESG requirements
  • Monitor energy usage to help identify inefficiencies

Explore how Indoor Geolocation Platform can help you pull data from your environment and put it to work for your organization to find opportunities to increase productivity, drive efficiencies, manage assets, and improve experiences for your workers and customers. 

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