Rapidly Identify Log4j Vulnerabilities

This is a guided vulnerability assessment of your environment with our front-line customer success team. They will help you quickly and accurately identify Log4j vulnerabilities in your cloud native pipeline and deployed environment. The prioritized results will help you identify, sequence, and fix the results.

Aqua’s team will also work with you to implement policies to reduce the risk of new images with known vulnerabilities from being deployed in production.

Delivered as a three-day engagement, our customer success team partners with you to: 

  • Set up a dedicated SaaS Instance of the Aqua Security Teams edition  
  • Connect to and scan a customer’s image registries to identify if images include a Log4j vulnerability   
  • Assess which images with the vulnerabilities have been deployed into a cloud environment 
  • Apply assurance policies to mark as non-compliant images with the identified Log4J vulnerabilities  
  • Provide guidance on vulnerability management best practices for ongoing identification 
  • Implement scanning for your public cloud provider accounts 

This offering comes with a one-year SaaS subscription to our vulnerability scanner, which will help you identify and stay ahead of new Log4j vulnerabilities as well as whatever comes next.

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