Real Approaches for Calculating the Business Value of DevOps

Organizations of every size, in every industry, have increasingly adopted DevOps. Despite improvements in software delivery from DevOps initiatives, many of them have had trouble proving the very real value returned to their company. Value that has been returned in the form of increased innovation, faster time to market and hard dollars.

Creating a credible business value analysis proving the value of DevOps is much more achievable than most practitioners realize. Learn how to make the case for your DevOps initiatives by:

  • Understanding the pitfalls in relying on the common, one-size-fits-all approaches to quantifying the business value of DevOps
  • Learning the fundamentals of how to express business value via the three core pillars and associated metrics for each that you need to address
  • Outlining an approach to measure the business benefits of DevOps within your organization

With the guidance in this whitepaper, you will have all of the necessary components for a timely, relevant and effective business case. Let’s go!

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