Recruiters Must Think Like Marketers

A recent Human Capital Institute report found that 69% of respondents are having difficulty filling critical positions and only 20% agree that they have a strong talent pipeline for critical roles.

Competition is fierce and the power has clearly shifted from employers to candidates, who expect to be treated like consumers. Just like marketers, recruiters must have the ability to not only attract but engage candidates as well, and they are tasked with fostering that same trust and loyalty among the candidates they hire as well as the ones they don't.

Register for this on-demand webcast to learn ways you can:

  • Educate the acquisition team about your audience. What are their preferences and motivations?
  • Use marketing tactics to reach the talent you want. Are your recruiters storytellers?
  • Measure success. Are you evaluating your efforts along the way?
  • Engage in continuous improvement. What challenges are you tackling every day to make yourself a better recruiter?

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