Redefining DLP – Why Today’s Organizations Need a More Modern Approach to Data Loss Prevention

An employee of a well-known cybersecurity vendor sells data from 68,000 customers to a phone scammer.1 A large Singaporean healthcare provider leaks the records of 1.5 million patients, including the country’s prime minister, in a series of major security lapses.2 An IT vendor’s poor security hygiene causes France’s oldest national daily newspaper to expose 7.4 billion records, including readers’ personal information.

Data loss, which can result from both external compromise and insider threats, has always been a serious security issue. But in modern business settings, the challenge has become even more complicated and acute. Today’s organizations have embraced cloud-based infrastructure, remote work and a varied mix of employees, contractors and outside vendors. 

This e-book explores the growing challenges of today’s fast-evolving workplace and IT environments. It explains why traditional data loss prevention (DLP) approaches aren’t up to the task. And it provides a roadmap for DLP built for the way modern organizations work.

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