Revealing Shelly’s ‘Secret Weapon’ for Product Development

High-tech products for the custom electronics industry don’t just magically appear on warehouse shelves. Preparing high-tech products for the custom electronics industry for sale is an arduous process. For every technology company, product development innovation is constant.

In this new CE Pro Partner Series, “Revealing Shelly’s ‘Secret Weapon’ for Product Development,” you’ll learn how Allterco Robotics, the parent company of Shelly USA, develops and brings new products to market.

Shelly’s line of intelligent firmware devices for professional installation includes smart energy meters, motion sensors, flood and temperature sensors, door and window contacts, smart buttons, lighting controls, and power supplies. You’ll learn how Shelly develops prototypes and performs quality testing. Plus, discover how the company has found efficiencies by sharing common hardware and software across all devices.

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