Russia’s Isolation Opening Doors for Acceleration of Central Asia’s Critical Minerals

The isolation of Russia for its stance in the Russia-Ukraine war is potentially leading to greater access to critical materials in Central Asia for the world: while Western countries are looking to be less dependent on Russia for critical resources, suppliers in the Central Asian region are looking to grow trade beyond Moscow.

Two Central Asian countries will likely be key in this shift – one is the world’s largest producer of uranium, while the other is rich in several key minerals including copper. 

In one country itself, nearly 1.3 million sq km of land (almost half of its land mass) will be up for mining exploration. For several reasons, this shift looks to be long-term.

This shift marks a rare opportunity for those looking to invest in the mining industry to be part of a region that has historically been more complicated to navigate.  

Read this report to get a better understanding of these Central Asian countries, their growth and opportunities.

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