Safeguard Students with New Techniques and Video Technology

Gathering a diverse range of students, staff, and campus visitors together in one place poses a complex set of security issues. But with the right video technology and security best practices you can move your school campuses from prepared to proactive.
In this new whitepaper, “Safeguard Students with New Techniques and Technology,” you’ll learn about innovative video analytics, how to improve after-incident investigations, technology that can alleviate common challenges, such as vape detection, video verification, and more. Topics include:
  • Innovative video analytics for K-12 campuses
  • Bi-directional Access Control Integration
  • Identifying the invisible threat of vaping
  • Forensic tools that can improve after-incident investigations
  • Overcoming Budgetary Challenges
By investing in the right tools, your security teams can better meet the expectations of school leadership, parents and students. Download your free copy today to learn more.

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