Security and Privacy on the Encrypted Network

The cloud and mobility are disrupting the way IT builds and delivers value for organizations. Security teams need to adapt their models to protect data. Additionally, the 'insider threat' can no longer be ignored. Given how attackers are compromising devices, performing reconnaissance to find vulnerable targets, and sniffing network traffic to steal credentials, at some point during every attack the adversary becomes an insider with credentials to access your most sensitive stuff. Whether an adversary is external or internal, at some point they will get inside your network.

Tighter collaboration between business partners means people outside your organization need access to your systems and vice-versa. This access should not impose substantial additional risk to your environment, so those connections need to be protected to ensure data is not stolen.

Download this paper to learn how to set decryption policies, determine what type of device will meet your requirements, and select a dedicated decryption device.

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