Security Strategies for Confronting Advanced Threats to OT

Operational technology (OT)––the systems that control equipment, machinery, and mechanical processes in factories, power plants, the energy grid, and other critical infrastructure––has become a bigger target for cyber criminals. With the increased convergence of OT and IT networks, the “air gap” that once insulated OT systems from bad actors has all but disappeared. Plus, an attack on OT can have severe consequences, ranging from service disruption or outages to catastrophic threats to human life. 



Cyber criminals are increasingly sophisticated and adept at exploiting OT vulnerabilities. Traditional IT security is simply not up to the task of protecting OT from advanced threats. CISOs need comprehensive strategies for confronting known and unknown threats, with a focus on mitigating the impact of breaches that have succeeded in evading security controls. Such strategies incorporate solutions that enable visibility, restrict access with precision and automation, detect and contain live breaches, thwart lateral movement, and minimize the attack surface within the OT network. 

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