Simplify Complex Parts Sourcing With Artificial Intelligence

Increase efficiency while lowering costs in product design and delivery


One wrong or unavailable part can delay a product launch. Manufacturers have a steep price to pay — time, money and missed market opportunities — if they do not have a full view of parts sourcing and standardization possibilities to make the right decisions.

These challenges, coupled with unprecedented disruptions such as plant shutdowns, more formidable logistics challenges and restricted supply chains brought by the global health crisis in 2020, make it more difficult for manufacturers to launch new products on time and on budget.

Amid this turmoil, even the most prepared manufacturers need to better manage product parts sourcing.

Improving parts sourcing requires seamless and quick procurement processes, ranging from supplier availability to engineering productivity and inventory management. The best-performing manufacturers are equipped to quickly make informed decisions to reuse, buy or create parts.

This eBook reveals how a business platform powered by artificial intelligence simplifies complex parts sourcing and standardization while keeping costs low in product design and delivery.

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