Simplify Multi-Cluster Multi-Tenant Management with AWS EKS and D2iQ

As enterprises grow their Kubernetes footprint, they tend to expand from single-cluster to multi-cluster environments that are shared between multiple users (or tenants). Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) makes it easy to deploy a single cluster or multiple discrete clusters, but not multi-cluster or multi-cloud environments. Moreover, deploying discrete single clusters can easily lead to cluster sprawl.

In this cheatsheet, you will learn about the challenges associated with managing a multi-cluster, multi-tenant environment and how D2iQ provides the necessary tooling to simplify those operations on EKS. Highlights include:

  • Overcoming the 4 key challenges in multi-cluster multi-tenant management
  • Best practices for multi-cluster multi-tenant Kubernetes¬†
  • Key capabilities of an effective multi-cluster, multi-tenant Kubernetes management platform

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