Simplify to Secure

Managing security is complex as a result of evolving threats, the need to retain talent, and a sprawling vendor landscape . Growing your business securely doesn’t just involve adopting new security technologies to counter new threats . Or keeping up with challenges introduced through new business processes . It’s more like fighting Hydra of Lerna, the serpentine water monster from Greek and Roman mythology – you cut off one head, and two more will grow back in its place

Conventional wisdom implies that every new problem requires a new solution . But that new solution can open you up to the herculean task of fighting two new Hydra heads instead of one . Likewise, layering new tech onto every new threat actually makes you less secure as your processes get more complex and your tools more interdependent .

In other words, if you continue to seek the exact technology to solve your newest, most pressing security concern, you may be multiplying security gaps that slow you down instead of simplifying your security environment to accelerate detection and response.

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