Simplifying the Data Center with Hyperconvergence

The concept of a hyper-converged data center, where collections of commodity servers are magically reconfigured through software to provide virtualized compute, storage and network services through a single point of control, sounds appealing to many IT professionals. Making a hyper-converged software-defined data center (SDDC) real, however, is often a very different story. To overcome some commonly perceived challenges and ease the transition process to this compelling new type of IT architecture, businesses need to consider specialized hyper-converged appliances, which provide an easy, cost-effective entree to this world. Hyper-convergence moves past the provisioning of CPU power via hypervisors and enables a second generation of consolidation in the data center by bringing SAN-like storage capabilities into easy-to-configure and manage devices. This, in turn, lets companies easily bring more powerful capabilities to a range of IT tasks.

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